Wonder Woman – a childhood inspiration.  A female superhero empowering women to find their own solutions and create a more adventurous life.

Rania Kurdi


I believe that in order to feel more peace and balance in life, we need to rediscover what gives us joy and find small steps to help us get our mojo back. My acting and comedy background bring fun and creativity to standard coaching methods.

Wonder Woman has been a source of inspiration since I was a young girl. My children knew I loved my converse trainers that had Wonder Woman printed on them and surprised me with a full costume for my birthday!

“Where on earth would I wear it?” I thought but once I allowed myself to toy with the idea, an opportunity presented itself. We were heading to Blackpool to see a colleague in Mamma Mia the musical and so I packed my costume and changed into it the next day when we visited the amusement park.

It was an adrenaline rush for me to push myself out of my comfort zone and a fun surprise for my kids, which will remain as a beautiful memory for years to come.

I feel Wonder Woman was the first female superhero to empower women to rescue themselves and create a more adventurous life, which is now at the heart of what I do as a transformational coach for women.

The pose Wonder Woman has with her hands on her waist is in fact a Power Pose. Research has found that we can change how we feel with what is called a body-mind nudge. Assuming the body language of a powerful person can actually increase your sense of power and even lower cortisol levels.

Are you ready to find the Wonder Woman in you?