• A session with Rania was like letting go of a pressure cooker inside my head.

    Catherine Givargisoff

  • Rania holds a safe and professional space for her client. She demonstrated some really lovely coaching skills, including focused listening, simple powerful questioning, reflection, recapping and exercise facilitation technique.

    Animas centre for coaching

  • Being listened to and having my experiences validated has been a gift. Rania was able to cut through my negative self-talk with insightful nuggets I could take away.

    Jo Berrington

  • Rania creates a talking space that is open, where I feel able to speak without fear of judgement. This has enabled me to fully reflect on my expectations of life and of myself, and the perceptions I have of my own actions and beliefs. This has been really useful and has led me to make the most of my time and to concentrate on things that really matter to me, rather than things that I think should matter. Rania‚Äôs strength was her empathy- particularly around motherhood.

    Lyndsey Gayle